Why You Need A Reliable Plumber This Summer

Why You Need A Reliable Plumber This Summer

Often when it comes to summer plumbing in Leicester and the need to call an emergency plumber out, it’s the last thing on your mind. After all, there’s too much fun to be had outside, enjoying the sunshine and firing up the barbecue, right? More often, we imagine plumbing issues which can take place in the winter, such as frozen pipes, or a broken central heating system – and who needs central heating when the weather’s in the mid to high twenties? But, you might be surprised to know that, in the summer time, people find different kinds of issues crop up such as a washing machine breakdown, blocked toilet […]

Why you should get a wet room in Leicester?

If you’re up on the latest bathroom trends, then doubtless you will have picked up on the buzz surrounding having a wet room installed in your Leicester home. A wet room is a bathroom that is completely sealed. The walls and floors have been completely tanked (or waterproofed) to ensure that no leaks can occur. There is no step up into the shower cubicle, in effect it is all one room, with the floor slightly sloped to the drain, to allow the water to run away. No longer are wet rooms just a way to enable independence for the elderly or disabled, to allow them to get in and out […]

Common plumbing problems in Loughborough

In our many years of providing a reliable local plumbing service we have seen some pretty impressive sights in homes and businesses across the county, most of which we were able to fix no trouble at all. Common plumbing problems in Loughborough have included leaky pipes, broken boilers and blocked drains. Sometimes people will try to find a way to fix things themselves, but ultimately, calling out a professional to handle the issue is often the best way forward. Plumbing problems can crop up out of the blue, but often it’s something which has been put off and gradually got worse over time, such as a leak or blockage. And, […]

How To Choose The Right Bathroom

  We think it is just about one of the most vital rooms in your home (if not the most). And that’s why, when you’re looking for a change, revamp or upgrade it’s important that you put lots of thought into how to choose the right bathroom. Not only is the bathroom a necessary part of your living space on a convenient and functional level, but it can be a haven in which to relax and unwind. It also happens to be one of the rooms which can make the sale on a property when you’re looking to move on. It’s for all of these reasons that when you are […]

The different types of central heating in Loughborough

Winter is the time of year when many people find problems with their boilers rear their ugly heads, or sometimes even stop working altogether. While it’s a nightmare to find that you’ve got no heating and hot water in your home, it can be good to know that the issue can be rectified pretty quickly. We offer repairs and installation of a range of central heating systems in Loughborough and the surrounding areas that can bring welcome and fast relief to a house that has just become icy thanks to boiler problems. So, if you’ve decided to get a new boiler installed, you might be wondering about the different types […]

Loughborough Boilers Special Offers

When it comes to choosing a new boiler for your home, it’s important to weigh up the benefits that each different type can bring. As time moves on, newer technologies have been developed to make things easier for people and, when it comes to the kind of boilers that are currently on the market, this is no exception. All new boilers these days are designed to offer the maximum in comfort and efficiency. But, depending on the space you have available, how much hot water you’ll need and how cost effective it has to be, it’s definitely worth finding out what the benefits of a combi or regular boiler are. […]

Christmas Holiday Closing Date 

It’s getting so festive all over Leicestershire now and we are loving the chance to visit all the homes and offices of our happy customers to enjoy the stunning decorations and great excitement that is building. Over the colder months it’s important to ensure that everything is running well with your plumbing and heating systems as it’s around this time when they are used the most and any problems that might be lying in wait are more likely to rear their ugly heads. During the holidays, the only surprises we want to be waking up to on Christmas morning are the good kind and not the worst, such as no […]

Why Get Your Boiler Serviced Annually 

With so many things to pay for these days, it’s easy to overlook necessities such as car and boiler servicing, when there isn’t a problem staring you straight in the face. In the height of summer, getting your boiler serviced might be the last thing on your mind. But once the cold weather sets in and it’s vital for having hot water and heating in your home, this is when breakdowns can often occur. The last thing you want is to be left freezing in winter and this is the reason why you should get your boiler serviced annually. Sometimes boiler problems can occur as a result of inactivity, so […]

Prevent your Pipes from Freezing this Coming Winter

When it’s winter and the frost is on the ground, the thing you want most is to be wrapped up all warm and cosy. But when it’s the weather for keeping your home warm, often the cold climate can lead to problems which cause quite the opposite effect! Frozen pipes can mean a headache all round, in no small part because it can leave you left without any heating or hot water. But as well as this, when water freezes, it expands, which can put huge pressure on the pipes and lead to breakage. As hardwearing as they are, the pipes in your home are susceptible to the cold too, […]

Start Preparing Your Home Plumbing for Winter

It may not seem it at the moment but winter is only just around the corner. The cold winter months can wreak havoc with your home’s plumbing system, if you aren’t prepared for the temperature drop. At best, frozen water in pipes can be inconvenient but at worst can prove to be very destructive and costly. Therefore, it is wise to take some steps now before the cold sets in, to start preparing your home plumbing for winter, to make sure your pipes and appliances will work smoothly all winter long. RJ Dutton’s Top Tips Have Your Plumbing Inspected for Leaks – Even the smallest water leak can turn into […]