Add Value To Your Loughborough Home with a New Bathroom!

Nowadays homeowners and people looking to buy their next home look not only for a good kitchen and enough bedrooms but look for a well-designed and good quality bathroom. Why? Gone are the days of damp, old fashioned bathrooms, people now want a touch of luxury in their homes which you will always find in any hotel or spa.

What’s more people have realised how much value is added to their home by upgrading or having a new bathroom. It also makes your home much more saleable and if you are living in it then much more pleasurable. A new bathroom is a great way to add value to your Loughborough home.

luxury bathroom loughborough

The benefits of a new bathroom

Utilising the space in your bathroom – by refurbishing or fitting a new bathroom you can take advantage of utilising the space in your bathroom. There are usually wasted spaces in bathrooms which are perfect for fitting new storage units or shelves to store all of your bathroom accessories.

Corrects any unsafe features in your current bathroom – houses can have outdated or unsafe wiring, damp or mould spots which are bad for health, no extraction which helps reduce moisture levels and keeps your bathroom looking better for longer.

Creates a nicer lifestyle – just imagine being able to lie back and relax in a full size bath or stand in a hot shower with plenty of space to move about in! Then get out in a cosy room with warm towel rails or underfloor heating all add up to a great sense of relaxation.

Gain bathroom envy! Whether you are selling your home and you want to add value or you just want to live in greater luxury yourself having a new bathroom always get lots of admiring comments from visitors. Be the talk of your neighbourhood!

Bathroom Design that works for you – upgrading your bathroom or refurbishing your bathroom make sure it works for you. Think about what you need in your bathroom, what doesn’t work well for you at the moment, what things don’t have a ‘home’ so what storage do you need. It will make investing in your new bathroom even more worthwhile.

RJ Dutton Offer Full Fit & Refurbishment

We have been providing full fit and bathroom refurbishment for years with many happy customers. We have built a strong and reliable reputation and always work with our customers to understand what they need for their own home.

Using our extensive experience we can offer planning your bathroom to full installation of your bathroom. Whether it is just a refit that you need or a complete re-design and installation.

We work hard to make the process as seamless as possible from start to finish. We have a highly reliable, skilled and experienced team to make your bathroom the best it can be.

Contact Us Today to Discuss Your New Bathroom Ideas

Whether you need a full fit or just a refurbishment talk to us today about your bathroom. We are happy to offer guidance and solutions or hear your ideas for your new bathroom. You can be assured of a friendly, reliable and trustworthy service. You can contact us on 01509 502 402 or you can use our contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you.