Common plumbing problems in Loughborough

plumbing problems

In our many years of providing a reliable local plumbing service we have seen some pretty impressive sights in homes and businesses across the county, most of which we were able to fix no trouble at all.

Common plumbing problems in Loughborough have included leaky pipes, broken boilers and blocked drains. Sometimes people will try to find a way to fix things themselves, but ultimately, calling out a professional to handle the issue is often the best way forward.

Plumbing problems can crop up out of the blue, but often it’s something which has been put off and gradually got worse over time, such as a leak or blockage. And, because of this, it can mean more extensive damage and costly repairs further down the line. Needless to say, the way to avoid plumbing problems is to tackle the issue when you first realise something’s wrong, that way it’s easier to fix.

Frequent plumbing problems

The majority of the time we are asked to come and sort out some very similar plumbing issues. It tends to happen when you’ve been in the business as long as we have. Five frequent plumbing problems that we are called out to include the following:

  • Leaky pipes – a puddle has developed on the floor of your bathroom or under your sink, what can you do? Sometimes a patch up can be all that’s needed, but in more severe cases it can mean a new pipe or part needs fitting. It’s always worth getting the advice of a professional, before making any temporary repairs to pipework and that way you’ll avoid such nightmares as a flooded bathroom.
  • Dripping tap – not only is this an incredibly annoying sound, but it can mean a waste of water and money too. You might find yourself putting off such a repair and maybe the sound has been going on for so long, that you barely notice it anymore. But, you might be surprised to discover just how much water gets down that drain over time. It’s often an easy problem to sort out, so get it fixed as soon as you can.
  • Blocked drains – hairs and soap scum, all the delightful kinds of debris that your bathroom sinks and plugholes have to deal with. If people in your family have a lot of hair it can rear its ugly head every so often and cause some pretty nasty blockages when left to get worse. It’s at that point when homeowners give us a shout, but we would recommend tackling the problem as soon as it arises.
  • Low water pressure – there’s nothing worse than a weak flow of water, especially if you’re trying to do something like run a bath.
  • Running toilet – in the same way as a leaky tap, this can be quite an annoying noise if you’re trying to get to sleep at night. And again it’s also a waste of water. If this has happened in your home, it’s always a good idea to get a plumber in.

Plumbing Solutions in Loughborough

If you’re looking for plumbing solutions in Loughborough, then why not make the most of our years of experience and trusted reputation, by giving us a call. We can come and fix the problem in no time, meaning those plumbing nightmares are no more.