Signs you Might Need to Call a Loughborough Plumber!

There are some plumbing projects that are simple enough for you to do yourself – pouring an unclogging product down a drain, tightening a leaky joint or stopping a running toilet for example.

But when the unclogging solution doesn’t work, your pipes continue to leak or your toilet begins to overflow, then it’s time to call a plumber.

The signs

Below are some of the signs you might need to call a Loughborough plumber:

  • Frozen Pipes – During really cold weather your pipes can freeze which then leads to cracking and bursting.
  • Blocked Toilet – This could be something as simple as an object lodged in the u-bend or could be a sign of a damaged sewage pipe.
  • Blocked Bath – Usually due to large amounts of hair clogging the drain.
  • Dripping Tap – This is most likely to be a problem with the seal that separates the water flow and your tap and can seem a simple job but is often difficult to fix.
  • Low Water Pressure – Sometimes due to poor water supply or a poor supply-line design but usually is the result of mineral deposits, rust or other obstructions in the pipes.
  • Leaking Pipes – This could be a sign of eroding or degrading pipes or a problem with the water seal. Both of which requires extensive knowledge and training to fix.
  • Backed-Up Pipes – If you’re experiencing clogs in every sink, toilet, shower and bath in your house, this could be due to problems with the main plumbing line/pipe.
  • Broken Sewer Pipe – A problem identified by a gurgling sound in the toilet, no water in the toilet bowl, a backed-up toilet or bath or an unpleasant odour.
  • Inconsistent Water Flow – This could indicate a mineral build-up or rust within the fixture or pipes. But if you see the problem in multiple faucets and water fixtures, there could be a more general issue.
  • Boiler Problems – If your water isn’t heating correctly then this is usually a sign that your boiler isn’t working properly and needs the attention of a plumber.

Plumber performing repairs to plumbing

Notice Any Of the Above?

If you have any of the issued above then you should get in touch with an experienced plumber. Tackling any of these problems yourself without correct knowledge and experience can result in making them worse.

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